We are a registered 501(c)(3) U.S. public charity. Our mission is to support the Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum, located in Foynes, Co. Limerick, Ireland, by providing a direct conduit allowing donors who are U.S. taxpayers to support the work of the museum while enjoying the tax benefits relating to charitable contributions and tax-deductible gifts*.

The Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum is operated by Foynes Aviation and Maritime Museum, DAC., an Irish nonprofit charitable institution dedicated to preserving and telling the stories of:

  • The pioneering days of aviation and passenger travel across the North Atlantic
  • The rich maritime history of the River Shannon and the port of Foynes
  • The local creation of Irish Coffee

The museum maintains and develops its collection by acquiring, holding in trust, interpreting, and preserving historically significant aeronautical and nautical objects for exhibitions, scholarly research, and lifelong learning programmes.

The museum’s efforts are guided by these goals:

  • To create imaginative, engaging, and informative exhibits that introduce visitors to the many unique and remarkable stories housed in the museum
  • To strengthen the museum’s role as an educational organisation
  • To provide a centre for community activities, celebrations, and learning
  • To promote greater public awareness of the Museum amenities
  • To provide a specialist research service by continually developing, documenting, and promoting our archive collection

*Donors may deduct contributions made to under Section 170 of the United States Internal Revenue Code and tax-deductible gifts, bequests, devises or transfers under Sections 2055, 3206 or 2522. These deductions may be limited, depending upon donors’ individual situations. Donors are advised to seek guidance from a qualified tax advisor.

This statement is not meant to be construed as tax advice. 

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